Terms and Conditions Heating Care Plan

Introduction to our terms and conditions

Our products are crafted to deliver a secure, top-tier service for repairing or upkeeping the appliances/systems covered in your “Care” agreement. It is imperative that you thoroughly review these terms and conditions, as they constitute the foundation of our agreement with you.

For any inquiries, please reach out to Celsius at info@celciusltd.co.uk. Select from our range of “Care plans” that align with your needs.

Key Information

All agreements explicitly state that the contract spans one year.

At least one calendar month prior to the expiration of your agreement, we will communicate with you. If you opt to terminate your agreement, we will cover you for the entire term.

Before accepting any boiler/controls or systems under a “Care” plan, we will conduct a thorough inspection. Any visible faults must be rectified before the agreement commences, and these corrective measures will incur charges separate from the terms of the “Care” plan agreement.

What we can look after*

  • Boiler
  • Radiators
  • TRVs
  • Room thermostats
  • Main Programmer
  • Taps for bathroom, kitchen and utilities
  • Emersion storage heaters
  • Cold water – gravity feed tanks
  • Pumps
  • Zone valves
  • All associated services and ancillaries

* Care plan dependent.

Benefits include:

  • On-Call engineer
  • Next working day assistance, and repairs or replacements of covered parts with no hidden charges, utilising brand new components, depending on the selected “Care” plan

General conditions that apply to all our Agreements

Duration of Agreement

Your agreement initially spans one calendar year, commencing from the date of acceptance of your application. Please note that we will not provide any free breakdown services during the first 14 days following the start date of the agreement.

Pricing and Payment Plans

The price of your “Care” plan will be established at the outset of the agreement and will remain unchanged throughout the agreement period, except in the event of a government-mandated alteration to the applicable VAT tax rate. Should we become aware of any impending government changes, we will promptly notify you in writing.


Monthly payments will be facilitated through direct debit setup as the default method. Additionally opting to pay via Credit Card / Debit Card or PayPal are also available. All charges are inclusive of applicable taxes at the current rates.


Prior to the expiration of your agreement period, we will notify you in writing regarding any alterations to the pricing or the contents of your “Care” plan agreements. Unless you inform us in writing that you do not wish to renew at that time, we will automatically extend your agreement for another year.

Domestic use

Agreements are only available for appliances and systems fitted inside your home for domestic purpose.

Our responsibilities

Duration of Agreement

We will fulfill our obligations under your agreement within a reasonable timeframe, except in cases where circumstances beyond our control make it impossible. If we are unable to meet our responsibilities, we will promptly communicate the reasons for this and provide you with an alternative timeframe for completion. In instances where we have accepted your appliance/system under an agreement and have previously indicated potential limitations on maintenance or parts supply, we will make every reasonable effort to conduct necessary repairs.


Your boiler is covered for repair and maintenance throughout its useful lifespan. In the event that spare parts become unavailable or it becomes financially unfeasible to maintain the boiler, we reserve the option to replace it. As per the terms of the agreement, you are eligible to claim up to £405.00 towards maintenance costs, provided that the agreement has been maintained throughout the lifespan of the boiler. This entails receiving a quote for boiler replacement, after which you can deduct the £405.00 from the quoted price. The £405.00 deduction will be calculated based on the combined costs of parts, labour, and VAT.

Please note that outside of these specified circumstances or any other conditions outlined in your agreement, you are not entitled to a replacement boiler.

Accessing Your Property

Our engineers will conduct work on your property only when an individual over the age of 18 is present at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have access to the property. Failure to grant access will impede our ability to perform necessary tasks. Consequently, if we are unable to fulfil our responsibilities to you due to lack of access, we cannot be held accountable for the resulting service deficiency. Should repeated appointment visits be obstructed, we reserve the right to terminate your agreement, and you will be subject to cancellation charges.

Safety Recommendations

We may provide guidance regarding necessary permanent repairs or enhancements to ensure the safe operation of your appliance or system. For instance, this may involve adhering to Gas safety regulations by upgrading ventilation to comply with current standards. Failure to heed our advice may prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to you. In such cases, we reserve the right to terminate your agreement, and you will be subject to cancellation charges.

Replacement Parts

Should our engineer not have the necessary spare parts available on the day of your appointment, we utilise suppliers who stock a wide range of parts and spares. These suppliers typically offer next-day delivery for available parts. If the required parts are unavailable, we will make every reasonable effort to source and install them from our approved suppliers. These parts may include reconditioned components from the original manufacturer or approved third parties.


We commit to rectify any defective parts or workmanship for a duration of twelve months from the date of completion of your repair. The rights conferred by our guarantee are supplementary to, and do not override, your statutory rights under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. For guidance on your rights, you can seek assistance from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the Trading Standards Department.

Moving Home

Please inform us promptly if you plan to move home, as coverage does not automatically extend to your new address. However, we can transfer your existing coverage to your new property following a site survey to ensure that the coverage meets the same or appropriate standards. Additionally, we expect any necessary work to bring your new appliances/systems up to the required standard, allowing us to offer you a “Care” plan agreement. Failure to notify us of your move will result in cancellation charges being applied.

Initial Inspection

Your agreement begins with an initial inspection, during which we conduct a thorough examination of your boiler, controls, and system components. This ensures their suitability for inclusion in any agreement and confirms they are safe, fully operational, and in optimal working condition.

The agreement does not take effect until this initial inspection is completed. Our engineer will record the inspection findings and any identified issues on a service or breakdown checklist, which will be provided to you.

If any issues are discovered during the initial inspection, we may:

  • Provide detailed information regarding necessary work and associated costs.
  • Present an alternative “Care” plan agreement excluding coverage for the identified issue.
  • Cease the acceptance process of your appliances under any agreement.

Please be aware that we will not conduct an initial inspection at a property within twelve months if appliance acceptance has been previously declined.

Annual Service

Your agreement incorporates an annual service, during which we will schedule a visit to your residence in the second and subsequent years of your agreement. This visit aims to inspect your boiler, controls, gas central heating system, or gas appliance, ensuring their safety and optimal functionality.

Typically, the annual service will occur within twelve months following the initial service and acceptance into an agreement. During periods of high demand, we prioritise breakdowns over servicing. In cases where we attend a breakdown at your property within two months of the scheduled service date, we may choose to conduct the service concurrently with the repair.


Your Cancellation Rights

You have the option to cancel your agreement with us at any time by reaching out to us by sending an email to info@celciusltd.co.uk.

Please note that simply cancelling your direct debit without notifying us does not constitute cancellation of the agreement. In such cases, you will still be responsible for cancellation charges.

If you decide to cancel within the first 14 days of initiating the agreement, we will reimburse you in full for all payments made, excluding the cost of the initial inspection at the current rate.

For cancellations made after the initial 14-day period and if payments are made via direct debit, we will extend coverage until the end of the paid period, inclusive of the notice period. Subsequently, we will terminate the agreement and cease further payments. If any work has been carried out during this time, you will be charged standard rates for the services rendered, as well as for the initial inspection. Please note that cancellation charges will apply in both scenarios.

Cancellation Fees

Should you opt to cancel any agreement with us before the completion of the agreed term, and if any work has been conducted as part of that agreement, you will incur cancellation charges.

The cancellation fee will be calculated as the sum of the applicable amounts remaining on agreement. However, these charges will not exceed the total cost of the agreement being cancelled, subtracting any amounts already paid through monthly direct debits.

Please note that the total cancellation charges will not surpass the remaining balance of the agreement after deducting any prior payments made.

Our Cancellation Rights

We reserve the right to cancel the agreement under the following circumstances:

  • Provision of false information by you.
  • Failure to make agreed-upon payments.
  • Identification of issues during the initial inspection.
  • Discovery of health and safety concerns.
  • Inadequate arrangement for accompanied access to your property within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Unavailability of parts necessary for repairs due to discontinuation.
  • Failure to complete required permanent repairs or improvements.

In the event of cancelling the initial inspection we will provide you with a full refund of any payments made. If we terminate your agreement following the initial inspection we will refund you for any remaining period of the agreement.

General exclusions that apply to all agreements

Design or Pre-existing Faults

We shall not be held liable for repair costs or expenses incurred in gaining access to conduct repairs in cases of design faults (unless such faults are attributable to us), or faults existing prior to your entry into an agreement with us. Additionally, faults that could not reasonably be identified during our initial service visit or repair call-out, despite exercising due care and skill, will not be covered. For instance, this exclusion may apply to incorrectly installed pipes buried beneath concrete floors without adequate wrapping or protection against movement.

Accidental Damage, Third-party Damage, and Willful Risk-taking

We do not provide coverage for costs associated with damage resulting from accidental damage, third-party damage, or intentional risk-taking by you. If work is performed on your system or appliance by a third party, whether or not following our advice, and this results in damage due to poor workmanship, the repair will be excluded from coverage under your agreement.

All Other Loss and Damage

We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to your property resulting from the breakdown or failure of your appliance or system unless directly caused by us. This includes any necessary cleaning or damage to fixtures and furniture (e.g., damage incurred from water leaks).

Making Good

In the event that access to your system or appliance is required for repairs, we will fill in any holes and ensure the surface is left level. However, we will not restore the original surface or construction (i.e., decoration).

Exclusions for Risks Covered by Other Insurances

Unless explicitly specified as included in your agreement, we will not cover the repair of faults or damage, or the replacement of appliances or systems resulting from freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accidents, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, or storm. It is advisable to review your household insurance to ensure adequate coverage for these risks.

If any item specifically mentioned as included in your agreement is also covered under any other insurance or maintenance contract you possess, the responsibility for repair will fall upon your other insurer or maintenance provider. In cases of shared responsibility with your other provider, we will only be accountable for our fair share and in accordance with the obligations outlined in the agreement.

Rights of Third Parties

Your agreement cannot be transferred to any third party, and no one other than you will have the ability to derive benefits from it.

Other Exclusions

We do not cover the following:

  • Costs exceeding £405.00 for gaining access to your appliances or system, including buried pipework. This exclusion applies if inaccessibility is due to a design fault. The £405.00 limit will encompass parts, labour, and VAT.
  • Replacement of bathroom fittings, fixtures, showers, or sanitary ware.
  • Upgrades aimed at enhancing your appliances or system.
  • Replacement or repair of decorative or specialist parts, as well as parts that do not affect the functioning of your appliance.
  • Resetting controls, such as adjusting room thermostats or programmers due to seasonal clock changes.
  • Asbestos removal associated with appliance or system repairs. Prior to further work on your property, you must provide us with a “Clean Air Certificate” following asbestos removal, as mandated by law.
  • Cash alternatives instead of service, maintenance, or repair.
  • Repair or replacement of lead, steel, or central heating iron pipes, excluding the gas supply pipe from meter to appliance if covered in your agreement.
  • Costs incurred due to changes or issues with gas, electricity, or water services resulting in damage or breakdowns.
  • Commencing or continuing services in the presence of significant health and safety concerns, including hazardous materials, infestations, or staff harassment (physical or verbal). Work will resume only after addressing these issues.
  • Loss or damage to your systems resulting from changes made by others to radio frequency allocations that interfere with your system or its controls.
  • Replacement of batteries in your system controls.

Coverage Exclusions

In addition to the general exclusions, the following are not covered in the “care plans”:

  • Removal of sludge or hard water scale from your system or appliance.
  • Repair of damage caused by scale, sludge, or other debris, if we have previously advised you that permanent repairs or a power flush are necessary to ensure proper functioning of your appliance or system.
  • Repair or replacement of flues or terminals not directly part of the appliance flue system.
  • Servicing and maintenance of electric boilers, warm air heaters, cookers, or fires.
  • Boilers exceeding 70 kW and not intended for domestic use.


We strive for excellence in our service, yet occasionally issues may arise. If you have any complaints regarding our service or products, please contact us by email at info@celciusltd.co.uk.

We will endeavour to address your concerns promptly. However, if immediate resolution is not feasible, we will ensure to keep you informed regularly regarding the progress of our actions or investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My boiler, appliance, or system is old. Does my System Care agreement still cover me?

A: There is no age limit on your boiler, appliance, or system, regardless of who installed it, as long as it is fault-free and in working order. If we accept it into the agreement, it will be covered. However, we will advise you if parts for your boiler are available.

Q: Why do your engineers recommend changes to my system?

A: Our engineers are highly qualified and stay updated on the latest technology and regulations. They will recommend changes or improvements to your system only if they deem it necessary based on their expertise.

Q: What do “upgrades to my system” mean?

A: Upgrades entail modifications to your system aimed at enhancing efficiency or safety. Examples include replacing working radiators with improved models, installing thermostatic valves, power flushing to remove debris, and adding system filters. The costs of upgrades are not covered by the agreements.

Q: I need a new boiler. Do I receive any benefits for being a “Care Plan” customer?

A: Yes, as a valued customer, we offer favourable rates for supplying and installing boilers.

Q: My pipes appear to be frozen. Can you offer any advice?

A: You can expedite the thawing process by gently applying heat to the frozen area, such as with hot towels or an indirect heat source. Avoid applying excessive heat directly, as it may damage the pipes and surrounding area. Exercise caution with electrical appliances to prevent bursting pipes or flooding.

Expectations from the Service

Q: My new agreement includes a initial inspection. When can I expect this to happen?

A: The initial inspection will be conducted before accepting you into any agreement. We will arrange this with you at a convenient appointment time.

Q: I think my annual service is due, but I haven’t heard from you?

A: We will send you a prompt email or letter in the month before the service is due to schedule an appointment. You can reschedule up to two weeks before the due date if needed.

Q: My boiler has broken down, and I have no heating or hot water. How soon can I expect your engineer?

A: We strive to have an engineer with you on the same working day or the next working day. During peak periods, we may experience delays and will inform you accordingly.

Q: My boiler has broken down, but I still have heating. How soon can I expect an engineer?

A: We aim to send an engineer on the same working day or the next working day. Emergencies are prioritised, but heavy demand may lead to delays.

Q: Why is it harder for you to visit me quickly when it is cold?

A: Demand for repairs increases significantly during cold weather. While agreement holders are prioritised, emergencies such as gas or water leaks take precedence.

Q: What if the engineer doesn’t have the necessary parts to fix my boiler on his van?

A: While we carry most common parts, sometimes specialised or uncommon spares need to be ordered. We strive to minimise waiting times and will keep you informed of the progress.


Q: Why might my price change from last year?

A: Prices may change based on the level of cover required and periodic adjustments to reflect inflation. Your agreement may also transition to a different “Care” plan when your boiler is out of warranty.

Q: In what circumstances would you suspend my agreement?

A: We may suspend or cancel your agreements if we encounter dangerous materials, infestations, or receive physical or verbal abuse until the risk is satisfactorily addressed.