Ventilation Care Plan Maintenance Only 2 Visit (Annually)

From: £87.75 inc. VAT for 1 year


Routine maintenance visit will include the following as per each part of any system maintenance:

  • Supply grilles
  • Extract grilles
  • Local Air valves
  • Filters
  • Fan motors
  • Motorised dampers
  • Manual dampers
  • VCDs (variable control dampers)
  • Heat exchanger(s)
  • Ductwork
  • Insulation integrity
  • Air flow readings
  • Readings correct to room size
  • Extraction rates to bathrooms.
  • Local Controls
  • Central controls
  • Parameters correct to manufacturer guide of application
  • Time-clocks operation times correct for applications & user
  • Over-runs to WC & bathroom sufficiently set
  • Fire inputs to isolate fresh air in event of fire (commercial only)
  • All motorised parts lubricated
  • Drainage
  • Integrity of chassis of units
  • Anti vibration mounts to units
  • Containment of services

Cover starts from 1 Heat Recovery Unit all the way up to 3 Heat Recovery Units.

Includes: 2 visit per year

12 Month Contract