Refrigeration Care Plan Maintenance Only 4 Visit (Annually)

From: £321.84 inc. VAT for 1 year


Routine maintenance visit will include the following as per each part of any f-gas system for maintenance:

  • Check and clean condensate pump and drain
  • Check and clean internal and external filter
  • Check and clean internal and external coil
  • Check and clean internal and external unit chassis
  • Check refrigerant charge and operation pressure
  • Check operating temperatures
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check system chassis and containment integrity for corrosion
  • Check system services insulation for deterioration
  • Check system operating correctly between operating modes
  • Checks seals integrity to weathering
  • Check evaporator coils heating elements operation upon defrost cycles
  • Check operating parameters of timers and delays for defrost cycles
  • Check operating schedule observing efficiency of use to energy consumption
  • Check door heaters operation
  • Internals; Checks seals integrity compliance to temperature management
  • Externals; Checks seals integrity compliance to weathering
  • Check cleanliness of food and drink storage/ compartments
  • Check integrity of product shelving compliant to regs

Includes: F-Gas Certification

Includes:  4 visit per year

12 Month Contract